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Handmade Papers

I think about the time which has passed in this infinite valley; the hand searches for ink in the dark of the night; and there it is; unforgettable moments; I wish to transcribe my emotions; the warmth of a candle illuminates “her” in whom I can always reread the time that was. My beloved “paper”, may you be my mentor…
Master papermakers of Fabriano have for centuries distinguished themselves in the production of precious papers, rough to the touch, fascinating to the eye, on which it is a pleasure to place the thoughts and words which are unleashed from the heart to give value to those things which (for us) in special moments of our lives, we don’t want to forget. For this reason Fabriano papers
wonderfully compliment the nobility of our thoughts. Ancient traditions which are sent forth from a history which should never be forgotten in time, but given more value understanding the importance of their existence.


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